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More Than Black

A beautiful soul is never forgotten, it remains etched in our hearts forever.

My name is Anitra Rice, and I am the mother of three amazing sons, Josiah, Jaden and Nicholas. My two eldest, Josiah and Jaden, completed suicide 16 months apart. In the midst of my devastation, I recognize that Black boys and men struggle with mental health as a pervasive issue, especially in my sons’ age range of 18-25. Both of them were 20 years old when they passed away.

Suicide rates are disproportionately high among Black youth. This is why we must raise awareness on this issue in order to help put an end to suicide by fighting the stigma surrounding mental health treatment, in the Black community. With your donation and support, I will produce a documentary entitled More Than Black. A portion of the proceeds from the documentary will fund research on best practices in supporting Black men and their mental health, as well as support programs that reduce suicidality and the negative impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).


This issue isn't mine alone. It is a systemic issue within our families, communities and nation at large. Black people face trauma and disparities that cause an increased burden of mental illness in our communities. This has led to our boys and men suffering in silence. Let’s start having conversations about what goes on inside of us. It’s time for us to be socially and emotionally aware and intentional about mental health treatment for our boys who will grow into men. We must create safe, non-judgmental spaces for them to heal. It is vital that they feel seen, loved, revered and needed.


Thank you in advance for partnering with me to bring hope and healing to our Black men and families.


With so much love,


Inspiring Hope
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