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Josiah Keith Rice

Josiah Keith Rice was a phenomenal human being and young man. He was very passionate about helping people and working in the community. A junior at Michigan State University (MSU) Josiah double majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Law and Order and Public Policy. At MSU he worked as an inter-cultural aid (ICA) helping those in marginalized populations including Black students, students in the LGBTQ + community and international students find love and support through community, helping them to thrive in their educational endeavors. Josiah worked under the guidance of his first and only Black professor Dr. Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, affectionately called Kas, doing graduate level research on the health disparities in African-American men. As an integral part of Professor Kas' research lab Josiah co-authored a manuscript examining the substance disparities among African-American men. Josiah lived with such deep passion and compassion for humanity. He wrote about his views on human complexity through poetry signing each one F.O.L. (Fire Of the Lord) the meaning of his name. Josiah’s name also means Jehovah's healing.


The F.O.L. Foundation aims to bring emotional, financial, mental and social healing to people of color who have been marginalized and overlooked. Josiah spoke passionately about wanting to foster empowerment opportunities and healing change with the men and families of color in the city of Detroit. Josiah, a young Black man who suffered from mental illness, was a strong proponent of its destigmatization and advocacy. Josiah lost his fight for hope on December 7, 2019 through completed suicide. In light of this tragedy, it is through this foundation that his desire and legacy to bring hope to others must continue!


Josiah's earthly life may have ended on December 7th of 2019, however, there is no period at the end of his life but a semi-colon signifying where his legacy of helping Black families and individuals find hope and healing continues.

If you are feeling hopeless please text 4hope to 741741 to begin a conversation. or call 988.


God Bless You,

Anitra Rice

Josiah's Mommy and Founder of The F.O.L. Foundation

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