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In 2019, Anitra Rice suffered what any parent would dread. Josiah, her beloved first son completed suicide. In the wake of that most tragic event, Ms. Rice has delved into painful soul searching, grieving and overwhelming loss to find what remains at the core of her being, faith, hope and love. 

It is this eternal love that motivates her to continue forward and pour into others the love and hope that for one moment, Josiah lost hold of.

Today, Ms. Rice is a well respected public speaker, a highly accomplished master educator, life coach, a graduate student completing a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Black Belt holder in Soo Do Thai martial arts, the same sports accomplishment as her beloved son who held a first degree Black Belt in Soo Do Thai. 

While Josiah so passionately served students of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized populations suffering from lack of mental health awareness and solutions as an intercultural aid on the campus of Michigan State University, he was even more passionate about issues that directly impact those in the Black community. Anitra is equally passionate and driven to support all populations in the Black community, just as she and Josiah spoke about on many occasions.


Join the fight! She needs your help. Contribute whatever you can to whichever program you choose so together mental health services lose their stigma and people of color can grow beyond the boundaries held in place for so long.

Inspiring Hope
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